Our food is delicious, fresh and different from any other ordinary “taco truck”. Specifically, we pride ourselves from making gourmet tacos not just your typical street tacos by using fresh ingredients and handmade tortillas (individually made and cooked onsite)! As well, we have been in business since 1998, most importantly we our a family owned business.┬áHusband and wife team, Edgar and Sandra Ruiz (he’s the chef, she’s the planner) have a large staff of dedicated professionals to tend to your every event need.

“We thank you for your continued support and patronage of our small business.”

-Sandra + Edgar Ruiz


Passionate Service Drives Our Taco Catering Business Forward
While we make every effort to produce delicious tacos, our commitment to service is the foundation on which we build our taco catering business since 2010, and by which we measure ourselves against our own expectations.


Our pride in what we do, and our passion for service, is the driving force of our enterprise. Our passion provides us strength and inspires us to always be building on our expertise. It assures our ability to deliver what we promise our customers. Our passion allows us to perform our work with great care and warmth. This is how we prefer to relate to those we work for and serve.


We believe in working relentlessly to challenge ourselves to always improve. We aim to rise to any challenge, exceed any expectation and to keep matters simple. By performing these practices, we ensure that we remain effective, efficient and calm in order to meet any challenge and to achieve our objectives


We believe in providing expert training to our staff to make decisions on the ground. We only send staff to catering sites after they have been fully trained and have proven themselves able to take the initiative and solve issues as they arise. By placing complete trust and confidence in our on-site teams, we encourage growth and innovation.


We build trust and credibility with our customers by fully understanding and respecting commitments that have been made. This simple task is vital for forging business and client relationships that last because they are rooted in trust.